A new era for my personal brand

Published 4 months ago • 1 min read

Happy February!

Over the next four weeks, I’ll be breaking down the exact strategy I’ll use to grow on LinkedIn from ~340 followers to 1,000.

My emails will come out once a a week and it’ll include thorough explanations behind my strategy as well as progress reports.

I will be as transparent as possible, and if I don’t hit my goal of 1,000…

Well... then I’ll change up my strategy and do what it takes to hit 1,000!

I’ve watched valuable creators grow very quickly on LinkedIn and I believe I can do the same.

Here’s my simplified content schedule — not just for LinkedIn, but for ALL my content:

  • Posting on LinkedIn 2-3 times a week
  • Sending an email to my list once a week
  • Posting one essay on Medium every week
  • Engaging on LinkedIn for about 30-45 minutes daily
  • Posting one blog article on every week

And here are the goals:

  1. On LinkedIn, I’d like to establish myself as an authority in the email marketing niche. Even though a lot of my content won’t have to do directly with writing emails for clients, all my posts (stories, listicles, and carousels) will demonstrate the fact that I’m adept at email writing (and content writing in general) and I know the trade well.
  2. On Medium, I'd like to establish myself as an authority in self-improvement, productivity, and email marketing. I first started writing on Medium back in late 2022 — and I wish I would’ve kept going. Now I’m jumping back on the bandwagon and I have every intention of growing on that platform. Again, just like LinkedIn, I’m not going to be posting content that’s exclusively about email marketing… there’s other stuff I want to write about there.
  3. As far as this email list goes, I’ll continue to tell stories and share different ideas about the creator economy at-large, but mostly I’ll be using it to chronicle this quest I’m on.

Today, I'm posting on LinkedIn for the first time since mid-November 2023.

Hope to see you in the comments!



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