my son got chased by a goose

Published 21 days ago • 1 min read

We were at Greenfield Village over the weekend taking in the beautiful Michigan spring.

In one area of the Village, there's a soccer field.

There was no one on the field.

My son loves open fields... he's big into running, plus he's becoming a great soccer player.

I told him to go down to the field and run around... because why not?

As he was running to the field, I noticed a few geese on the sidelines.

One of the geese stood up and started walking toward him.

"Solomon," I shouted. "That geese is looking at you. Maybe you better come back up."

Then I instructed him to run in the opposite direction of the goose so he could make his way back over to me.

As he started running toward me, the goose started running after him...

Then it started flying... FAST.

"SOLOMON! RUN!" I yelled.

That goose was going for him!

I about had a heart attack.

Solomon was screaming...

I was yelling...

My wife started running toward Solomon, and so did I (even though I had our 4-month-old in my arms).

And that goose was getting closer and closer to Solomon.

Just as that goose was about to wack him the head, Solomon ducked.

He made his way back over to us, and of course, he was freaking out.

Then, as my wife turned her back on the goose, it started running at us.

I was gearing up to break that damn goose's neck.

Suddenly, the goose stopped.

The moral of the story?

Don't get near nesting geese...

And stay in shape in case you need to run away from them!

Until next time,

P.S. Later on that day, Solomon went on to score his first goal of the soccer season. And, he played goalie during the second half, making about a dozen saves. Nothing can stop him... not even some stupid goose!


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